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From Nov. 27, 2023 to Jan. 26, 2024, OTHER SIZE GALLERY presents the exhibition Beneath the Pilgrim Moon with shots by British photographer Simon Roberts, curated by Claudio Composti in collaboration with MC2 Gallery.

The twelve photographs on display are the result of Simon Roberts’ vision captured at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London during the closure to the public caused by the second wave of COVID-19. The images depict marble sculptures on display in the Dorothy and Michael Hintze Galleries, portrayed at night, wrapped in plastic sheeting, immortalized during renovations. This poetic and metaphorical representation constitutes, for the photographer, a reflection on the experience of the pandemic.

What makes this exhibition unique

“These sculptures,” Roberts explains, “speak, at least to me, of their unchanged materiality, yet there is a fragility bestowed upon them by the humblest and most temporary circumstances. This paradox is so compelling. It is a pause before a revelation. Perhaps even a hope for what is to come.”

Known for his investigation of the relationship between people and places, Roberts, in this project, focuses on a more intimate space, revealing sculptures in a lonely and melancholy version. The unusual angles of the shots convey a sense of unease and vulnerability, highlighting bodies that are cut off, isolated or partially hidden.

Thus, in “Samson and the Philistines” it shows the weeping victim instead of the hero, cut off from the scene. In the photo of Claude David’s “Vulcan (or probably Prometheus) chained to a rock,” Roberts focuses on the suffering face of the protagonist behind the plastic. In Canova’s depiction of “Theseus and the Minotaur,” the almost pensive and lonely silhouette emerges from afar.

The images convey a fusion of ancient mythology and 18th-century neoclassicism, creating a juxtaposition that disorients and fascinates. The sterile plastic that covers timeless masterpieces places them in a state of isolation and fragility, while the reflections that glide across the plastic, according to the curator, bring the statues to life, enhancing the drama of their positions and expressions.

Come admire Simon Roberts’ exhibition at OTHER SIZE GALLERY by WORKNESS.