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A journey through flavors and fragrances:
an exclusive wine tasting menu

In the refined setting of the BISTRUCCIO CLUB, Dec. 4 was a memorable evening dedicated to taste and culinary delicacy. Chef Vittorio Carrozza delighted those present with his distinctive dishes, expertly paired with a selection of wines from Lungoparma, an excellence with over seventy years of history in the heart of the Emilian wine tradition.

What made this evening unique

The event was a triumph of flavors, a symphony of food and wine masterfully narrated by the experts in attendance.

The appetizer, Chef Vittorio’s famous cod meatball with Parmesan fondue, black truffle and balsamic vinegar reduction, opened the evening in harmony with Lungoparma’s “Il Classico” Brut sparkling wine. Delicacy and persistence of the perlage danced with the fragrance of the meatball, creating an unforgettable marriage of flavors.

The first course, tortelli on a bed of smoked vegetables and purple shrimp tartare, was elevated by a perfect pairing with the white wine “Bianco Reale.” Its robust savoriness enhanced the nuances of each layer of the dish, providing a harmonious taste experience.

The turban of Asturian Picana, stuffed with foie gras and juniper, with raspberry sauce and crispy onion wafer, was the highlight of the evening, accompanied by “Quota 16” red wine. The bold aromas and intense flavors of the wine created a perfect contrast with the savory meat of the turban, amplifying the sought-after flavors of the foie gras.

This extraordinary event is just the beginning of a series of unmissable meetings to be experienced by WORKNESS CLUB in 2024.