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Fine Dining & Gourmet Restaurant by WORKNESS CLUB

BISTRUCCIO. The kitchen of emotions.

BISTRUCCIO, the Fine Dining & Gourmet Restaurant by WORKNESS CLUB, transcends the boundaries of the traditional restaurant, transforming into an authentic culinary gem that expresses the elegance and sophistication of WORKNESS through food. Under the leadership of Chef Vittorio Carrozza, our restaurant becomes a space where the passion for extraordinary food blends in harmony with the continuous creative search for new dishes, transforming the kitchen into an authentic work of art. Quality, creativity and hospitality come together to offer an unprecedented dining experience.


The two souls of BISTRUCCIO

Elegance and sophistication reach their zenith at BISTRUCCIO CLUB, a private and sophisticated setting ideal for those seeking a top-notch dining experience in an exclusive setting. Masterful Chef Vittorio Carrozza creates exceptional dishes that stand out for the quality of ingredients, sophisticated preparation techniques, refined taste, and impeccable presentation. The elegant and refined atmosphere of BISTRUCCIO CLUB, make it the ideal place to hold private events and corporate dinners.

BISTRUCCIO BISTRO is the ideal place for any time of the day, offering breakfasts, lunches, appetizers and dinners in a cozy environment. By maintaining the high level of kitchen quality, BISTRO ensures an exceptional dining experience, reflecting the commitment to culinary excellence present in BISTRUCCIO CLUB.


The constructed kitchen
on emotions

- The Chef

Chef Vittorio Carrozza

Chef Vittorio Carrozza, originally from Calabria but an adopted Milanese for more than 30 years, has cooking in his DNA. Growing up in a family of restaurateurs, he soon realized, while experimenting with first courses, that cooking was his innate passion, to be cultivated with commitment and dedication. The first glimpse of his talent manifested itself in the preparation of a risotto alla pescatora, perhaps what began his predilection for risotto. For Chef Vittorio, cooking is more than a profession, it is an intrinsic truth.

Defining cooking as "truth," the Chef wants every dish he creates to be an authentic expression, a testimony to his personal truth. That is why, in plating, each ingredient is a calculated element in the composition of a work of culinary art that speaks for itself and presents itself through flavors, textures and refined techniques.

Chef Vittorio's cooking is innovative and passionate, which he defines as a continuous search for perfection and truth, a daily challenge that stimulates his creativity and fuels his desire to perfect and make his dishes authentic and unique. His definition of cooking includes research and instinct: the pursuit of perfection through the careful selection of ingredients and the harmonious combination of tastes and textures, but also the instinct and intuition that only experience can provide.

An iconic example of his creativity is his famous Codfish Meatball, accompanied by a creamy Parmesan fondue, black truffle and a balsamic vinegar reduction. This dish, born by chance and fueled by intuition, evolved from a dough left over from a Ligurian recipe. The chef combined flavors from different regions (Liguria and Emilia Romagna), creating a marriage of textures and flavors, represented by the fragrance of the meatball and the bold flavors of the Parmesan fondue and truffle.

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