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Beyond the Ordinary Team Building by WORKNESS CLUB

TEAM EXPERIENCE: team building that creates valuable memories

Not the usual Team Building, but a unique opportunity to grow your team through an engaging, challenging and extraordinarily rich experience that combines education, adventure and sports activities. This program is designed to make collaboration, effective communication and group cohesion natural in a dynamic and challenging environment.



2 days of theoretical-practical training at WORKNESS Milan with professionals of the highest level , such as. Roberto Ferrarese , a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and sports psychologist, as well as a multiple world sailing champion.

3 intense days of exploration, immersive experiences, motivating boat and bike workouts and pleasant surprises , to live an extraordinary team experience that will reveal the authentic beauty of Salento. These days will be enhanced by experiences specifically designed to engage the team in unique and unforgettable activities.

At the end of the EXPERIENCE IN SALENTO, a team of professionals (kinesiologists, physical therapists and dieticians) coordinated by Riccardo Magrini, will build an ad hoc training path for participants. This program, combined with the perseverance and determination of the participants, will bring the team to the starting line of IL GIRO DEI VENTI with the fitness and confidence to look forward to success.

TEAM EXPERIENCE concludes with participation in IL GIRO DEI VENTI: an extraordinary event that goes far beyond mere sports competition. Its main goal is the promotion of health and well-being through sports activity, but it also offers a'unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the Salento and Greek territory.

8 days and 7 nights to explore the Salento andGreece, between bicycle and sailing tours, experiences, history and landscapes.

Pairs of cyclists and pairs of sailors will team up: on the same boat to explore and test themselves, combining their strengths and passions, sharing experiences they won't forget.


An opportunity to create
a great team


Creating a team by communicating it externally

VISIBILITY AND BRAND PROMOTION: By participating in IL GIRO DEI VENTI, you have the opportunity to have a dedicated boat, which becomes a unique space to promote and make your brand visible. As the event is of considerable significance, it attracts media and public attention, providing participating companies with an ideal platform to introduce their products and services to a wide audience.

CSR: IL GIRO DEI VENTI offers companies the opportunity to contribute to meaningful causes. By participating in charitable activities or supporting environmental protection and reforestation projects, companies demonstrate their social and environmental commitment. These initiatives promote the company's image as an active participant in building a better future for the community in which it operates.

ASSOCIATING THE COMPANY WITH POSITIVE VALUES: Participating in an event focused on wellness, health, sustainability and corporate social responsibility allows companies to associate their brand with positive values. This association can positively influence consumers' perception of the brand, as it shows that the company is sensitive to issues relevant to society.

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