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Art, Culture & Events by WORKNESS CLUB

OTHER SIZE GALLERY. Intimacy with art.

OTHER SIZE GALLERY offers a unique experience that goes beyond traditional art enjoyment. The variety of events, from classes and workshops to exhibitions and film screenings, creates a stimulating and engaging environment. The mission of making art and culture accessible results in an opportunity to create new connections and perspectives, contributing to personal enrichment and active participation in the WORKNESS CLUB community.


The approach of OTHER SIZE GALLERY

OTHER SIZE GALLERY represents a dynamic cultural salon that celebrates art and culture through an innovative approach; it is distinguished by its ability to organize diverse cultural events that go far beyond simple art exhibits. Its mission is to make art and culture accessible, inspiring and tools for making new connections

What makes OTHER SIZE GALLERY an attractive place is its multifunctionality. Here, you can participate in classes, seminars and workshops, explore art exhibitions in all their facets, attend book presentations, immerse yourself in film screenings and participate in engaging debates. The gallery also offers musical dates, sports stories and tales, and a chance to chat with champions.


Art, Culture
& Events

- Arts, Culture and Events

A History of Innovation

OTHER SIZE GALLERY is constantly seeking innovation and synergy, which is why some events are organized in collaboration with other WORKNESS CLUB cores, leading to unique experiences that integrate different art forms and cultures.

This diversity not only makes the gallery accessible to a wider audience, but also fosters connections between people with similar interests.

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