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Workplace Cosultancy"bespoke"


Work & Progress was born in 2011, when a team of professionals, active since 2000 in the field of labour administration, obtained the definitive authorization to operate as a generalist company in this sector. To date, we are the only independent company that is not under any banking and other industrial groups. W&P is a cultural leader in the sector, thanks to the skills of its professionals and a strong "tailored" approach, which analyzes the specific needs of the individual and his / her working situation.

Our mission

Despite technological progress, in the working world it still remains man who represents the fundamental resource, the important resource upon which a company's well-being rests and relies.

Work & Progress supports you in choosing the best staff for your company, through a precise and critical analysis of your activities, and the problems and opportunities faced in the world of work - all this is done with an informed eye on the constantly evolving Italian legislation.

A sartorial approach

We have a pool of specialists at your disposal: our labor consultants, labor lawyers and tax specialists study the different needs of your company, studying and suggesting targeted solutions in order to optimise the management of your resources, including but not limited to, the optimization of labour costs.

Our Services

  • We offer periodic or continuous work services, without necessarily a subordinate employment contract between worker and user, and we find the perfect strategy to optimise your costs.
  • The main areas of intervention are:


    consultancy, management and processing of wages and contributions;


    consultancy, bookkeeping and management of tax obligations;


    consultancy, management of judicial and extrajudicial work disputes, legal settlements.

Why rely on Work & Progress?

  • Because we guarantee the optimisation of costs and an enhanced employee experience..

  • Because we provide you with a team of professionals who will allow you to focus exclusively on your "core business".

  • Because we carefully analyse all the possible scenarios and requirements of the worker in order to contain the labour costs.

  • Because we are present throughout the country with branches in Lombardy, Marche, Puglia, Campania, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont as well as reporting offices in Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, Sardinia, Liguria and Umbria.

Work&Progress is located throughout Italy
Consultancy, organisation & management tailor made for your company and your employees
With our skills we will confront and support the most important and decisive questions regarding the management of your company's personnel, to find together concrete solutions and proposals, achievable and economically competitive, in compliance with the regulations.
Have you ever asked yourself at least one of these questions?
  • Can I reduce, at least in part, the cost of labour in my company?
  • What is the best contract under which to place the employees in the company?
  • How can I stabilise an employee already identified in my workforce?
  • What tools can I use to ensure greater flexibility with respect to my production needs?
  • Is it possible to free my company from managing all the bureaucratic and administrative aspects, without adding other business costs?
  • Am I making the most of the opportunities offered by the legislation in terms of work?
  • How can I offer the best guarantees to my worker?
  • Is there a partner always available who can support me in the management of my workers?

If the answer is yes, contact us now.

Work&Progress S.p.a.
Workness Milan, Via Andrea Maffei, 1 – Milano (Ang. Via Spartaco)
Tel: 02.70006800 (int. 1) 

Ministerial Authorization, protocol number 39/0010056/MA004.A003 del 06/08/2014
Rea MI-1954707
VAT number 07380560966
Fully paid-up capital €600.000,00