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A journey
to discover the taste of astrology through the palate.

BISTRUCCIO CLUB prepares to welcome food and astrology enthusiasts for an extraordinary evening next Thursday, March 21, 2024

In collaboration with wine&food expert and event organizer Susanna Amerigo, BISTRUCCIO presents Astro Gourmet, a unique tasting that combines culinary art with the magic of the stars. The evening will feature gourmand astrologer Susy Grossi and chef Vittorio Carrozza.

What to expect during the evening?

During this extraordinary evening, Susy Grossi, with an educational background at the school of famous astrologer Lisa Morpurgo and author of several books on astrology and gastronomy, will collaborate with chef Vittorio Carrozza to create a four-course gourmet menu, each dedicated to one of the zodiac elements: air, water, fire and earth.

During the evening, Susy Grossi will offer astrological advice on conscious food choices to optimize personal well-being. He will also read astral charts of those present, offering a unique opportunity to discover more about oneself through astrology.

The Astro Gourmet experience is open to all who wish to immerse themselves in an evening of exceptional flavors and astrological discoveries.

This extraordinary event is just the beginning of a series of unmissable meetings to be experienced by WORKNESS CLUB in 2024.